A love letter to Glasgow, and the folk in it

Dear green place, and its people

You welcomed me in your gutsy embrace 15 years ago, and my utter admiration for you has grown with each passing day. It wasn’t love at first sight, granted…when I first arrived with a car full of memories to fill my room in Halls, I thought you stank – literally and metaphorically. There was a stench of piss in the air that made my lungs feel faint, and I was damned if I could understand a bloody word anyone said. Who is hen, what is ginger and why did no one prepare me for ‘taps aff’? But the more tasty city smells soon took over my nostrils, the people become my favourite and the banter grew to become a craving in each day. I’ve trotted my way around over 100 cities in the time I’ve lived here, and I can safely say that not one is a patch on you, my love.

You are unique. I’m obsessed with your nooks and crannies, hooked on your warmth and reliant on your endless offerings. Someone once said to me that they don’t know anyone who loves Glasgow more than me, and I’d say that’s likely true. Her in the east may be our capital, but you, Glasgow, are the heartbeat of Scotland.

And what’s better than your geography is the people in it. Thank you to every single person who has made a difference to each day, week, month, year just by stopping to have a chat with me. At work, in a shop, at brunch, buying booze, in a taxi, on a bus, the train, the street. Because of you I’ve been able to dampen depression, laugh until I cry, be safer, heal a broken heart, discover, make pals, be brave, feel like I belong. Make a home.

You really do make Glasgow. And if you’re lucky enough to still live here, make the most of this wondrous place and look up from your phone because with eyes wide open this city will give you everything. 

This is not goodbye, it’s a simple cheerio, and I’ll see you all real soon.

Yours, always,

Me x


PS Here we f**king go!

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  1. Awwww – couldn’t have put it better myself! I came to Glasgow 5 years ago after moving around a fair bit & can honestly say it’s the best place I’ve ever lived ❤️ You’ve nailed it – the thing above all else that makes Glasgow great is its people. There’s this overwhelming attitude where you’re welcomed and included. You feel part of things because you’re treated like you have the right to be here, no matter where you’re from.

    If we could all carry around the Glasgow attitude, the world would be a kinder & more welcoming place

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