The Homesick Diaries

It was the issue I was warned about the most, yet least prepared for when stepping off that plane nine weeks ago. People who had made the flit seemed to handle the financials, manage the removals and deal with the stress, but homesickness crept out of people’s tales like poison ivy – a beast that everyone appeared to struggle with, no matter their reason for moving, and who was going with them. “It comes and goes”, “give it two years” and “skype helps” was the advice I repeatedly received, and whilst all of those things are indeed, true, when that wave of missing home hits I now fully appreciate why it’s termed as a ‘sickness’. The nausea that sets up camp in your stomach like a hibernating bear. Sticky palms, racing pulse and restless legs. And when it really takes hold, the grape-sized tears that fall from your eyes. Someone […]

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