The Best Advice You’ll Never Get

Shut the door, then open a new one. Follow your path, or just go a bit further down the road then you’ll turn a corner. Take a bitch of a detour. Do all of it, and still head in the right direction. And don’t forget, YOU are in the driver’s seat, sweetheart. How many of those delightful little nuggets have woven their way into conversations where you’ve either given or gotten advice? I would hazard a guess that travel-related idioms are the most over-used group of phrases banded about, and quite frankly I think they’re awesome. Because who doesn’t want to go somewhere? Anywhere? Sometimes it’s towards a place, a person or a plan.  And other times it’s away from a situation, a group of people, even yourself. The idea of travel works equally as well at a metaphorical level as it does in the literal sense. We all want […]

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