13 surprising things about moving to Australia

Here’s my sweetness & light/warts & all run down of what I’ve learned about living down under over the last (almost) 6 months… 1. Driving is so appalling, even the Aussies admit it The polite etiquette that we’re (on the whole) accustomed to on UK roads is a distant memory living in Australia. Changing lanes, giving way, and turning right are a battle, whilst manners are missing with undercutting, undertaking and no acknowledgement of courteous driving. We may live in the ‘20 minute city’, but those 20 minutes become pretty painful with the level of rudeness on the roads in Australia.   2. ‘Australian English’ is a pick and mix of British and American, which makes spelling and speaking a bit of a headf*ck Program, not programme. Truck, not lorry. Eggplant, not aubergine. Bandaid, not plaster. And then they’ve invented a whole set of new words like a ‘doona’ instead […]

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