Why I’ve started a YouTube channel!

As a wee girl I loved creating things. Short stories filled with tales from a wild imagination, including some (very badly drawn) illustrations. A self-penned magazine, writing about what goes on in a thirteen year olds head. Rustic podcasts using a tape recorder. This passion for putting words into a shareable format even led me to complete a whole degree on just that – well, journalism. If I’d known that four years enrolled in a very badly managed course would suck the living ideas out of me, I wouldn’t have done it. But then again, had I not I perhaps wouldn’t be writing this post from our Aussie home. Funny how things work out. Suffice to say that today, I am not a journalist. I don’t even write that much, with the exception of this teeny corner of the internet. But when I do, to this day it still makes my heart boom that bit louder. […]

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