Why I’ve started a YouTube channel!

As a wee girl I loved creating things. Short stories filled with tales from a wild imagination, including some (very badly drawn) illustrations. A self-penned magazine, writing about what goes on in a thirteen year olds head. Rustic podcasts using a tape recorder.

This passion for putting words into a shareable format even led me to complete a whole degree on just that – well, journalism. If I’d known that four years enrolled in a very badly managed course would suck the living ideas out of me, I wouldn’t have done it. But then again, had I not I perhaps wouldn’t be writing this post from our Aussie home. Funny how things work out.

Suffice to say that today, I am not a journalist. I don’t even write that much, with the exception of this teeny corner of the internet. But when I do, to this day it still makes my heart boom that bit louder. To craft paragraph after paragraph on something I often can’t share out loud, but feels like the most natural thing to say in writing brings with it a marvellous feeling. One of the best things about it is when someone feeds back that whatever I’ve popped down on a page has resonated/been of some help/brought magical feels too. Ah. You know how some people buzz from being told they look beautiful? I get my kicks from being told that there’s beauty in my writing.

So I started on the hard stuff (paper), moved onto typing and now I’ve decided it’s time to try the modern way of creating content online – YouTube. And there are the three reasons why I wanted to give it a go:

#1 I’m a super curious soul, and over the last few years I’ve grown my Sunday indulgence of watching some epic girl boss video-makers – Helen Anderson, Hannah Gale, Jamie Genevieve – and felt admiration for their craft. Their ability to make me feel a part of their world through a 7 minute video on tattoo fails, clever contouring or overcoming PMS. A few folk have said in the past that it’s maybe something I’d be good at – spouting nonsense to camera – probably as a way of getting me to stop chewing their ear off! I love providing the entertainment in person, so mibes I can do it through a lens too?

#2 We now live a long way away from home. Adelaide, South Australia, to be exact. I miss my people every single day, and spend an obscene amount of time a week texting/voice-noting/emailing/facebooking/skyping the folk who mean the most to me in the whole wide world. I’ll still do all of the aforementioned, but I reckoned putting together wee clips of our time out here, documenting a little slice of our life, could be another way to keep me close to friends and family (or the ones who watch, at least!)

#3 I need a hobby! I hadn’t quite realised how much of my time in Glasgow was spent being a friend. Coffee club, wine o’clock, day trips, gym classes, luncheons, bruncheons, dinner dates (theme = food) with my besties probably accounted for ~70% of free time. Whilst I’ve met a handful of pure diamonds in Aus who I’m lucky enough to call my pals, they mostly all have their own established groups, and aren’t always free for me to drag them to some cafe/coffee shop/bar for daily/weekly hangs. So, my new Sunday ritual is gym, brunch (with a friend, if they’re free) and then making a video!

So, there you have it. I’ve made 6 wee videos so far, and here’s what they’re about incase any sound worth a watch:

VIDEO #1 How I spent a week’s wages in Sephora, a wee make-up haul (my first video to practice with the editing software, and it’s a tad shit so perhaps skip!)

VIDEO #2 Taking you out and about as we spend a winter’s day at a drive-on beach, – and I learned to add music!

VIDEO #3 An a-typical ‘Get Ready With Me‘ (GRWM) video where I chuck make-up on & talk a load of shite, essentially…

VIDEO #4 I’ve set myself a challenge to visit 35 countries before I’m 35, so here’s me talking about where I’ve been (I’m up to 28), and how I’m planning to nail the target.

VIDEO #5 The most watched vid yet (nearly at 700 views…eeeee!) – the biggest culture shocks moving from UK to Aus – loved making this one, and it kind of builds on my blog post ‘13 surprising things about moving to Australia‘.

VIDEO #6 Day trippin’ to the Barossa Gourmet Food Festival. Love the music on this video, so plinky plonky happy!

If I hit 100 subscribers on the channel I get to create a unique URL and not be user 76gfhzrte87kl09, so if you do head on over please do me a favour and hit the ‘subscribe’ button. Then you won’t miss a video either – bonus! 😉 I’d love to know what you think of my amateur foray into the world of YouTubing, especially if you have a channel too as I’m desperado for some help to make it sparkle a lil’ more!


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  1. Claire, you’re wonderful dear! Absolutely loving your news and musings and happy vibes. Can you imagine me with contouring though?!!! 😉😉 Happy Sunday x x

  2. Aw Jen, so lovely to learn you’ve read this <3 I absolutely love your sharings of what Ru and Jojo are up to, especially their hilarious soundbites! xx

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