*Hey there beautiful*

Thanks for stopping by for a nosey, and perhaps even a blether. Lady Blaze replaces a terribly beige 80’s name with an alter ego that has a bit more va va swoon. Channelling a fierce interior (work-in-progress) and a fiery exterior (flame-inspired barnet),  I currently reside in Glasvegas with my feline bestie….but not for much longer, because in early 2017 I’ll be making a mahoosive flit to Australia in pursuit of a sunnier disposition.

This blog will be focussed on happiness hunting in the media-mad and tricky-to-navigate world that we live in. With a fair few #harshtag times behind me, I now spend a chunky amount of  each day exploring self-care, the world and other people, pushing my own boundaries, and challenging the bullsh*t in the quest for a collection of glorious, memory-making moments.

From solo travel adventures to meeting the best kinds of people to dream-chasing and learning on the go, my aim is to live a life less ordinary whilst sprinkling glitter along the way. Even the difficult days can be coloured in with the people, places and patter that can turn a frown the other way round. This blog is a collection of madness and musings from a girl who looks like a rainbow, lives like a mermaid but thinks like a #girlboss.