My 9 step ‘tattoo day’ routine

At certain points in my life, having a tattoo appointment has become as regular as getting my legs waxed or hair chopped. It’s such a time-consuming and expensive, yet pleasurable part of life that I would go as far as saying it’s now a fully fledged hobby. Given it’s prominence in my routines, I’ve created a bit of a ritual around tattoo collecting which makes the whole experience less about painful endurance, and more about having the most fun I can have. I’d say the most fun you can have whilst being attacked by a bunch of needles hundreds of times per minute for hours on end, that is. Here’s the random routine I follow to help get me prepared for the chair: Avoid drink the night before The first step in my tat day routine actually begins the night before – by staying aff the booze. Alcohol thins the […]

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