Have you found your soulmate?

The term ‘soulmate’ has developed a universal meaning which sort of implies ‘forever’ with another human. I mean, forever can be great, if you choose it, but when we weigh up the magnitude of that, there are very few things in this modern life that merit that same label. Careers are transient, homes are bought and sold, people come and go, in and out of your life. Even the pinnacle of permanence – tattoos – can be (painfully) removed! As you’ll guess, I don’t buy-in to this common definition. To me, your soulmate isn’t a label to band about in an attempt to convince the world you’ve found ‘the one’. It isn’t a destination that we’re attempting to find in another person. And it’s definitely not a term that should ever make you doubt your self, or your relationship. All of the above, I’ve guiltily done. I’ve applied the term […]

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Future fearing & 5 tips to overcome it

Why is that when we don’t know the outcome of something, we imagine the worst? Think of the last job you were waiting to hear about, or how you feel when your boss asks for ‘a chat’. What about when you’re waiting on test results. Our default position in our heads is usually negative, right? Someone else will get the job, your boss thinks you’ve f*cked up, and you’re about to get shitty news on the health front. The rationale is that this type of thinking can help protect us from the shock of worst case scenario, like a security blanket. But sometimes the blanket turns out to be an explosive vest, blowing our dreams to smithereens and stopping us from living the life we want to live. I had my tarot cards read late last year, in the hope that I could find out whether I should or should […]

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The ‘Art’ of making pals when you’re new in town

This is a bit of a strange post to write as I could be tempting fate. I’m heading into week 6 of living in Australia, and it appears that the advice I got before leaving from everyone who had ever moved abroad has been the best yet. Say yes to EVERYTHING. And so I have. And because of this ‘yes is best’ attitude, I’ve met dozens of lovely people, seen more of my new city than I ever could’ve hoped for, and racked up a few new FB friends in the process. I jest with the latter point, but it’s no exaggeration that it’s the people in this quirky city that have exceeded all expectations of what my first month would turn out like. It’s with these new friends that I’ve seen an Austrian human glitter ball dance around the stage to 80s classics. I’ve got absolutely smashed on free […]

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The Homesick Diaries

It was the issue I was warned about the most, yet least prepared for when stepping off that plane nine weeks ago. People who had made the flit seemed to handle the financials, manage the removals and deal with the stress, but homesickness crept out of people’s tales like poison ivy – a beast that everyone appeared to struggle with, no matter their reason for moving, and who was going with them. “It comes and goes”, “give it two years” and “skype helps” was the advice I repeatedly received, and whilst all of those things are indeed, true, when that wave of missing home hits I now fully appreciate why it’s termed as a ‘sickness’. The nausea that sets up camp in your stomach like a hibernating bear. Sticky palms, racing pulse and restless legs. And when it really takes hold, the grape-sized tears that fall from your eyes. Someone […]

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The Best Advice You’ll Never Get

Shut the door, then open a new one. Follow your path, or just go a bit further down the road then you’ll turn a corner. Take a bitch of a detour. Do all of it, and still head in the right direction. And don’t forget, YOU are in the driver’s seat, sweetheart. How many of those delightful little nuggets have woven their way into conversations where you’ve either given or gotten advice? I would hazard a guess that travel-related idioms are the most over-used group of phrases banded about, and quite frankly I think they’re awesome. Because who doesn’t want to go somewhere? Anywhere? Sometimes it’s towards a place, a person or a plan.  And other times it’s away from a situation, a group of people, even yourself. The idea of travel works equally as well at a metaphorical level as it does in the literal sense. We all want […]

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Why I’ve started a YouTube channel!

As a wee girl I loved creating things. Short stories filled with tales from a wild imagination, including some (very badly drawn) illustrations. A self-penned magazine, writing about what goes on in a thirteen year olds head. Rustic podcasts using a tape recorder. This passion for putting words into a shareable format even led me to complete a whole degree on just that – well, journalism. If I’d known that four years enrolled in a very badly managed course would suck the living ideas out of me, I wouldn’t have done it. But then again, had I not I perhaps wouldn’t be writing this post from our Aussie home. Funny how things work out. Suffice to say that today, I am not a journalist. I don’t even write that much, with the exception of this teeny corner of the internet. But when I do, to this day it still makes my heart boom that bit louder. […]

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