Quotes to keep in your self-care kit

It’s Sunday. Ergo, the booze blues are in full force, and I’m in need of a cuddle. But what to do when a pair of willing arms aren’t kicking around? One of my trusty go-tos is Pinterest when I’m looking for a bit of self-help, life inspo or a word cuddle. During certain periods of life this has become a daily habit, particularly when the going gets tough,¬†or I’m facing a bit of a dilemma. More positively, I’ve also used them to bookmark when I’ve felt good, been brave or had an adventure. The chronological order of pins on my ‘mantras’ board tells the story of the highs and the lows over the five years, and I’m now a self-confessed pinster (aka pinning gangster, yo). To help you flush out any fear from last night, below is a collection of my faves to dip into when you need some writing […]

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