Have you found your soulmate?

The term ‘soulmate’ has developed a universal meaning which sort of implies ‘forever’ with another human. I mean, forever can be great, if you choose it, but when we weigh up the magnitude of that, there are very few things in this modern life that merit that same label. Careers are transient, homes are bought and sold, people come and go, in and out of your life. Even the pinnacle of permanence – tattoos – can be (painfully) removed! As you’ll guess, I don’t buy-in to this common definition. To me, your soulmate isn’t a label to band about in an attempt to convince the world you’ve found ‘the one’. It isn’t a destination that we’re attempting to find in another person. And it’s definitely not a term that should ever make you doubt your self, or your relationship. All of the above, I’ve guiltily done. I’ve applied the term […]

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