A love letter to Glasgow, and the folk in it

Dear green place, and its people You welcomed me in your gutsy embrace 15 years ago, and my utter admiration for you has grown with each passing day. It wasn’t love at first sight, granted…when I first arrived with a car full of memories to fill my room in Halls, I thought you stank – literally and metaphorically. There was a stench of piss in the air that made my lungs feel faint, and I was damned if I could understand a bloody word anyone said. Who is hen, what is ginger and why did no one prepare me for ‘taps aff’? But the more tasty city smells soon took over my nostrils, the people become my favourite and the banter grew to become a craving in each day. I’ve trotted my way around over 100 cities in the time I’ve lived here, and I can safely say that not one […]

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Arrival at the emigration station: week 1 in Oz

That moment where you think ‘what the hell am I doing?’ The world has been kind to me since Mum was the last person I hugged almost a week ago. 275 hours, to be exact. Saying goodbye to her had my heart as heavy as a rock. I crumbled at the thought of being so far apart from my best friend, and as I sit here writing, that rock sits firmly in my throat as I try to swallow a flood. Maybe that’s more to do with an Aerosmith song playing in the background right enough. God damn power ballads. But don’t stop reading thinking that this is going to be a super sad post, I said the world had been good to me, right? And it has. Let me explain… First off, despite the first leg of the journey being delayed, I made my connection. Hurrah! Having missed that […]

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13 surprising things about moving to Australia

Here’s my sweetness & light/warts & all run down of what I’ve learned about living down under over the last (almost) 6 months… 1. Driving is so appalling, even the Aussies admit it The polite etiquette that we’re (on the whole) accustomed to on UK roads is a distant memory living in Australia. Changing lanes, giving way, and turning right are a battle, whilst manners are missing with undercutting, undertaking and no acknowledgement of courteous driving. We may live in the ‘20 minute city’, but those 20 minutes become pretty painful with the level of rudeness on the roads in Australia.   2. ‘Australian English’ is a pick and mix of British and American, which makes spelling and speaking a bit of a headf*ck Program, not programme. Truck, not lorry. Eggplant, not aubergine. Bandaid, not plaster. And then they’ve invented a whole set of new words like a ‘doona’ instead […]

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